Sunday, 26 October 2014
Online Privacy - Internet Programs from 151 to 200 listed after downloads number
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151)   Complete Internet Cleanup Lite
Utility to erase your Internet tracks including index.dat files and junk files.

152)   AdvantageWebLogAnalyzer
All in one. Web Log Analyzer + Page Counter. More than 400+ detailed reports.

153)   PhishGuard
Free service detects and disables Internet Phishing or Spoofing attacks.

154)   The Killer!
The Killer! is an anti spam tool for serious spam problem.

155)   Advanced Internet Eraser
Protects your privacy by cleaning up all the tracks of your activities.

156)   PGuard - Privacy Protection Tool
PGuard is an activity traces cleaner and privacy protection tool

157)   BCWB
Content management system with direct pages editing based on user W3C XSLT patterns representation

158)   Complete Anonymous Internet
Internet utility to hide your IP address when using internet programs.

159)   Pop-Up Stopper Professional
The only product to block Pop-Up Ads in AOL, MSN, and ALL browsers

160)   CIDMage
CIDMage - the first commercially-available all-software solution to the problem of generating your own custom Caller ID signals! Generates high-quality SDMF

161)   ArchiCrypt Shredder
ArchiCrypt Shredder deletes sensitive data securely and permanently

162)   SafeShopper
Protects your credit card and identity while shopping online.

163)   Pop-Up Stopper Companion
Stop Internet Solicitors, pop-up windows and Online tracking!

164)   ITIC SpamFilter
ITIC SpamFilter is the antispam program.

165)   PopNot
PopNot is an intelligent pop-up killer that prevents pop-up windows from ever appearing, with no need to set up for particular websites or keywords and without needing to wait while a new pop-up window appears and disappears.

166)   Super Popup Killer 2.4
A tool to eliminate browser pop-up windows in Internet Explorer

167)   SafeKidz
You gain control of where your children go on the Internet.

168)   HistorySweep
A powerful privacy protection tool which securely removes your browser history.

169)   NetPopper: Popup Blocker with Privacy Protection
NEW! Internet Popup Blocker & Privacy Protector

170)   Big Mother
A configurationless switchsniff for parental Internet monitoring and control

171)   Mask Surf
Mask Surf protects your identity while surfing and cleans Internet usage traces.

172)   Privacy Fence
one mouse-click Internet eraser to protect privacy

173)   Desktop Armor
Desktop Armor watches your computer for changes, notifying you when something is altered to confirm you want to keep or reject it

174)   SpyCatcher
SpyCatcher 3.5 removes spyware, prevents reinstallation and stops phishing

175)   ChildSafeWeb Parental Control Software
ChildSafeWebŪ is a parental control system exclusively based on human reviewers

176)   Scan Spyware - Win95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP - Utilities
The best solution for providing a 100% protection against most of the spywares and malicious software running on your computer, stealing your personal information and showing you annoying Popups, Advertisments and making your computer slower day by day.

177)   PopupWar PRO
100% Popup window killer for IE, adware and spyware

178)   Metadata Analyzer
Metadata can get you into trouble!

179)   My Privacy Demo
My Privacy Demo probes the confidential information stored on your computer on its vulnerability to unauthorized access by hackers

180)   NetAware
File Share Monitoring and Recording

181)   SystemStable
SystemStable - complete security solution. Best spyware and adware remover.

182)   Advanced Email Protector
protect all email addresses and mailto: links from email harvesters

183)   IEasy Cleaner
IEasy Cleaner is an efficient Internet Explorer Privacy Protection Solution that will erase all your online activity tracks such as browser cookies, history and temporary files

184)   IE Security Pilot
Low level system utility which helps you browse Internet with absolute security

185)   AGuardDog Suite Complete Protection
Stop Spyware, Adware and System Intrusions

186)   Zero Popup 4.01
A small, effective, and intelligent anti-popup software product

187)   IEGuardian
Customize and protect your IE settings against malicious changes, stop pop-ups.

188)   Disspy Lite
FREE Spyware and Adware removal software - detection, backup, restore & update

189)   Evidence Cleaner
Evidence Cleaner is a complete solution for cleaning internet activities and traces of your PC! Evidence Cleaner cleans up your browser''s cache, cookies, history, recent document list and much more automatically!

190)   WinDriveCleaner 2005
WinDriveCleaner is ALL drive cleaning solution

191)   PopUp Burner
Stop all Internet Navigator pop-ups and surf faster by using less bandwidth.

192)   PopUp Destroyer Pro
Close automatically all popup windows! All browsers supported!

193)   AGuardDog Web Protection
Blocks banners, popups, removes adware and broadcast IP-messages

194)   One Click Spam Shield
1Click SpamShield is a comprehensive, personalized solution to stop SPAM on Net

195)   Secure Information Courier
Allows visitors to your web site to send you secure encrypted email.

196)   IP Messenger Spam Blocker
IP Messenger Spam Blocker prevents IP messages from appearing on your machine.

197)   Popup Silencer II
Software to block web browser popups and popunders.

198)   12Ghosts Popup-Killer
Free Popup-Killer that blocks ALL popups of IE. Extended Boss-Key included.

199)   Pop-Up Stopper Basic
The Ultimate in pop-up window blocking technology!

200)   Message Smuggler
Smuggle text message into image-256-bit encyption algorithm and password protect