Friday, 18 April 2014
Tools & Utilities - Internet Programs from 1251 to 1300 listed after downloads number
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1251)   RemoteNet - Professional
An automation control program that lets you work on another computer remotely.

1252)   Web Page Remote
Internet desktop remote server, remotely control a PC from a web browser.

1253)   IP Relay Server
Mapping the incoming connections to a predetermined IP address.

1254)   Collanos Phone Linux
Collanos Phone is a free VoIP softphone and multi-protocol Instant Messenger

1255)   z/Scope TN5250
Access AS/400 iSeries from SSL-enabled terminal for Windows®

1256)   Beauty Magazine FireFox Plugin
Beauty search engine directly from your Mozilla Firefox

1257)   Hosaka TN5250
TN5250 terminal emulator for AS/400 access

1258)   JobFinder
Search 22 Job Web Sites on 9 criteria - find your dream job with one click

1259)   Hosaka TN3270
TN3270 terminal emulator for IBM access

1260)   SportWebsite
Dynamic sporty internet site for collective sport club

1261)   Serial over Ethernet
Shares up to 255 serial port devices over TCP/IP network.

1262)   Sayvoice Text to Speech Reader
A pure, natural speech-based text to speech software & multi language translator

1263)   Pricepirates
Price comparison tool for eBay, Amazon, and thousands of affiliates

1264)   Xippee Firefox Extension
A cool new way to search Google, Yahoo, and many others with Firefox

1265)   Ip to Country Convertor

1266)   Voice over IP H323 SDK
Highly customizable VoIP SDK to accelerate development of H.323 applications

1267)   SoftFuse Whois
Small, but powerful whois program tells all about a domain name and its SEO rank

1268)   Website Monitor Software
Site status monitoring software monitors website uptime and downtime performance

1269)   Xippee Safari Plug-in
A cool new way to search Google, Yahoo, and many others with Safari

1270)   Lab Scanner
Your Small personal Internet Tracking Utility

1271)   z/Scope Telnet & SSH Client
VT100/VT220/VT320/VT420/SSH Terminal Emulator for accessing to Telnet Servers.

1272)   FeedAgent
FeedAgent is an intelligent RSS reader that learns what interests you

1273)   FinitySoft Share Browser
Explore shared resources on your local network. Freeware!

1274)   Web Forum Reader Lite
A unique program for reading various types of Internet forums and conferences

1275)   TopicCrunch
TopicCrunch: Your assistant for making deep, deep web searches and deduplicating

1276)   Threadscout
ThreadScout - Monitor forum topics/blogs...

1277)   vEmotion for VoIP
VoIP call recorder with music sharing and text to speech ability

1278)   Mizu SoftPhone
Fully featured SIP client with intelligent P2P technology, chat, IM and HD Video

1279)   RelayFax Network Fax Manager
Automate sending, receiving, and managing your network fax messages.

1280)   URL Thing
Provides HTTP Headers, response time and content for any queried URL

1281)   Multi Data extractor
Extract e-mails, web pages, and other informations.

1282)   Advanced Network Search
Find any files on your local area network in just seconds!

1283)   Beyond Remote Support
Provide Remote Desktop Support thru firewalls in seconds via e-mail, chat & web

1284)   Auto Replacer
Program is intended for automatic change / removing the text in files

1285)   http-ping
http-ping probes a given URL and displays relevant statistics.

1286)   ViDitto
ViDitto permits users to create compilations of streaming media.

1287)   Data Export - Excel2Sybase
Excel2Sybase is a program to publish MS Excel spreadsheet as Sybase data

1288)   Data Export - Paradox2Sybase
Paradox2Sybase is a program to publish Corel Paradox data as Sybase.

1289)   Data Export - Text2Sybase
Text2Sybase is a program to publish TXT(CSV, TSV, PSV) files as Sybase data.

1290)   Data Export - Sybase2DBF
Sybase2DBF is a program to publish Sybase data as Xbase(dBASE, FoxBase, FoxPro)

1291)   Data Export - Sybase2Excel
Sybase2Excel is a program to publish Sybase data as MS Excel spreadsheet

1292)   Data Export - Sybase2Paradox
Sybase2Paradox is a program to publish Sybase data as Corel Paradox

1293)   Data Export - Sybase2Text
Sybase2Text is a program to publish Sybase data as TXT(CSV, TSV, PSV) files.

1294)   My People Search
Use our database of more than one billion records to locate anyone, anywhere...

1295)   Network Shutdown Tool
Allows you to wake up, shutdown, reboot your computer over a network(internet).

1296)   Axessh Windows SSH Client and SSH Server
SSH Client for Windows, secure the connections to your remote systems

1297)   Lively TopGoGoGo
Get and browse top popular sites, forums and softwares, auto-updated weekly.

1298)   TopForums Explorer
Explore the most popular forums and a full forum directory.

1299)   TopSites Explorer
Explore the most popular sites and a full site directory.

1300)   GLONGOO Genie
GLONGOO-GENIE Software Generates Virtual Spam Free Keyword Specific E-Mail Lists