Friday, 18 April 2014
Others - Internet Programs from 151 to 200 listed after downloads number
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151)   ZoomMagic
A powerful tool to magnify screenportions, measure or capture a screen area.

152)   Shuttle FTP Suite
Suite that includes a lot of Internet Applications (FTP, Telnet, TFTP, Ping,...)

153)   4D Keeper
4D Keeper is a program for PC clock automatic synchronization with time servers.

154)   ConnectStorm Client
A rich media client for browsing ConnectStorm network servers

155)   TELEBÍRSEN-News-Ticker
TNT shows current stock exchange-news in German in a scrolling window.

156)   eSpyNow
You can start monitoring your PC with eSpyNow Spy Software in less than 5 minutes.

157)   Simple Internet Fax for Palm
SIF allows you to send messages to faxes, e-mail addresses, and phones

158)   Stop Messenger Service Ads!
Stop those pesky Messenger Service advertisements!

159)   InfoSnorkel
InfoSnorkel creates customized up-to-date personal news pages from many sources.

160)   Security Zone Manager
Unleash the power of Microsoft Internet Explorer security zones.

161)   3D Multi Series Line Graph
Quickly and easily be add professional quality 3D graphing functionality.

162)   Javascript Menu Master
Make Javascript Menus for your site easily with no programming knowledge.

163)   PageGate
Messaging server software sends SMS and text messages to pagers or mobile phones

164)   Not Only Two!

165)   EnvisionAide
Aides faster and more creative research and helps you envisage new approaches

166)   Optimize GUITIDY
Optimize your HTML very easy and fast

167)   Business Translator
Translate document, Webpages among 11 languages, access to 12 dictionaries.

168)   WebGuru
A multi-profile web log analyzer producing XSLT rendered reports

169)   HSLAB Text2SMS
The complete solution for mobile messaging.

170)   Simple Internet Fax
send messages to fax/phone from your PC via Internet and also save your money

171)   Canary Standard
Computer and Internet monitoring software for concerned parents. FREE report!

172)   TrayNote Plus
TrayNote Plus: The Only Internet Enabled Sticky NotePad!

173)   ACX Newsletter Designer pro
NewsletterDesigner software. Design your own HTML-email

174)   3D Multi Series Stacked Column Graph
Quickly and easily be add professional quality 3D graphing functionality.

175)   Sync-It with Atom
Sync-It with Atom keeps your computer's time accurate.

176)   Rad Upload Lite
Make your file upload page more user friendly with drag and drop file upload.

177)   Internet Macros Web Test Recorder
Easy Web Automation, Functional and Regression Web Testing, Data Extraction

178)   Tracks Eraser Pro
Protect your privacy by cleaning your tracks of past Internet activity

179)   MTA Press Release
MTA Press Release is an excellent press release posting tool.

180)   Show kit
All-in-one tool to create HTML/Flash websites, intros and Flash presentations.

181)   Web Log Mixer
Merge and compress web log files with this easy to use GUI/command line tool

182)   Dynamic Bid Maximizer Advance
Ultimate Pay Per Click Optimization & Bid Management Tool

183)   Internet Drummer!
Checks e-mail accounts with style, handles spam, monitors web page changes

184)   Puzzle Balls
Puzzle Balls is a word logic and puzzle game combo!

185)   Envirolyzer
Reports paths to Perl and Sendmail, and environmental variables to your browser.

186)   SiteKiosk
Kiosk browser software for safeguarding public access computer terminals.

187)   ConnectStorm Server
A rich media fileshare server supporting up to 32 simultaneous users

188)   Private Eye
Stay informed about what happens on your computer at home or work.

189)   CallClerk
Caller id, picture, email, ans. machine, fax, reverse lookup, voice, hangup,dial

190)   HTML-Encrypter
Encrypt the source code of your HTML files. The files look normal in any Bowser.

191)   Easy-FTP
With Easy-FTP you can transfer files between your PC and a FTP server.

192)   FileToMail
Send files from Windows Explorer with two mouse clicks!

193)   URLSpellcheck
Fix typing errors on the fly and reduce 404 errors with URLSpellCheck for IIS.

194)   F-Secure Internet Security 2003
Protect your home or work PC with an easy-to-use antivirus and firewall product.

195)   mobile4you
Checks,alerts,forwards email,reminders to email address,pager,cellular phone.

196)   2X ApplicationServer
Tunnel Windows apps on remote desktops, eliminate management & security issues

197)   Bitrix Site Manager
Multi-featured CMS with advanced SEO options and performance analysis

198)   Web SiteGrabber
The program converts websites (HTML) into bitmap files.

199)   Work Examiner Standard
Work Examiner monitors Internet usage and tracks employee online activities.

200)   Max Internet Optimizer
Boost the Speed of Internet and dramatically improve Browsing and Downloads.