Friday, 24 October 2014
Authoring Tools - Multimedia & Design Programs from 151 to 200 listed after downloads number
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151)   ScreenNemo
ScreenNemo creates movies from desktop activity for presentations and tutorials

152)   Any Image
Image File Format Batch Converter

153)   Vevo! CatalogBuilder
Powerful Cataloguing software to create, manage and publish web / CD catalog.

154)   Points Export for AutoCAD
Points Export for AutoCAD - AutoCAD plug-in to export points to a text file

155)   AtPresent Editor
Builder of Flash based interactive presentations, simulations, demos, tutorials

156)   Cool MP3 Producer
Make mp3 with perfect sound quality and high compression speed.

157)   Rich Chart Builder
Rich Chart Builder creates enjoyable interactive data charts.

158)   Posteriza
Application for designing all kind of posters, posters and pancartas

159)   Points Import for SolidWorks
Points Import for SolidWorks - Point file import add-in for SolidWorks

160)   STL Export for AutoCAD
STL Export for AutoCAD - STL file export plug-in for AutoCAD

161)   VoDMaker
VoDMaker allows users to record any online/offline movies, news and online lectures from the Internet in virtually mirror-image quality, at only a fraction of the original size

162)   AtPresent Recorder Pro
Capture PC screen and save in Flash format.

163)   NC Import for SolidWorks
NC Import for SolidWorks - Numeric Control NC file import add-in for SolidWorks

164)   Inform!
Combine text, graphics, pictures, sound, video into single file on any subject.

165)   Sparkle SWF Optimizer
Sparkle SWF Optimizer help you to optimize, compress and reduce your flash size

166)   MeshWorks for Rhino
MeshWorks for Rhino - Mesh manipulation commands for Rhino

167)   MEmaster pro
Build your multimedia content and interactive applications for CD/DVD Rom

168)   MEmaster standard
Produce you own interactive, multimedia products for CD/DVD Rom with ease.

169)   Flying PopCorn POP
Easy to use, Multimedia Contents Authoring Tool

170)   3D Real Boxshot
Create professional 3D boxshot in real-time!

171)   Multimedia Protector
Content and Copy Protection, DRM for Flash, PDF, PPT, EXE, Word, Video

172)   SWF Picture Extractor
SWF Pictutre Extractor is a program for image extraction from SWF files.

173)   Wondershare xBox Slideshow
An innovative tool to make your photo and video movie playable on xBox.

174)   Acoolsoft PPT2Video Converter
Convert PowerPoint to video formats such as MPEG, AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, 3GP

175)   DWFIn -- DWF to DWG Converter 2005
DWFto DWG Converter is An AutoCAD Addin let you import dwf file into AutoCAD

176)   ROM With a View
Build interactive autorun presentations using design themes and templates.

177)   Rangelsoft Live-Studio
Live-Studio is an advanced, intuitive visual tool for creating complex multimedia applications, presentations, e-books, catalogues, quizzes, CD-ROM loaders, educational programs

178)   ImagePDF Creator
Converts image formats such as TIF, JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, WMF and PCX into PDF format

179)   ePlum GetPictures!
convert any printable documents from any program into JPG/GIF/PNG/BMP images

180)   Point Cloud for Rhino
Point Cloud for Rhino - Rhino plug-in to convert a point cloud into a surface

181)   OSS Audio Converter
Easily convert between audio file types from one to another and record them.

182)   Flash Optimizer for Mac
Flash Optimizer for Mac compresses SWF files by 60-70% without quality loss

183)   DWGSee DWG Viewer 2006
DWGSee, a ACDSee-like DWG Viewer

184)   HPGL Import for Rhino
HPGL Import for Rhino - HPGL PLT file import plug-in for Rhino

185)   OBJ Import for Rhino
OBJ Import for Rhino - Wavefront OBJ file import plug-in for Rhino

186)   Mihov Background Tester
Test image files and see how they would look as tiled background

187)   AutoProject for AutoCAD
AutoProject for AutoCAD - AutoCAD plug-in to project 3D entities to a 2D plane

188)   Easy Card 3 for Windows

189)   NC Import for AutoCAD
NC Import for AutoCAD - Numeric Control NC file import plug-in for AutoCAD

190)   DWFIn -- DWF to DWG Converter
DWG to DWG Converter is An AutoCAD Addin let you import dwf file into AutoCAD

191)   AMI Electronic Greeting Card Construction Set
Create personal or business greetings with pictures, sounds, clickable web links

192)   Loy Music-Card Maker
Main function: 1.The style figure interface of Windows XP shows noble's elegance; 2.According to the need, Choose the cards you like and preview them(support *.JPG, *.GIF or *.etc); 3.Add or design the style of message box yourself(using *.JPG, *.GIF,etc.); 4.Append and pick the screen picture of the wanton size and other pictures automatically, the convenient one sets up the picture liked as the frame of the speech of message box and greeting card; 5.Customize the dimensions of message box(support full screen).It is suitable for harangue and sweet words between lovers; 6.Unrestrict length of greeting messages; 7.Greeting messages can scrolling on message box; 8.Greeting messages can is it enter speech of message box among the picture , can set up Greeting messages show position at will to inlay; 9.Import or save greeting messages, And can get more greeting messages on websites; 10.Choose,audition background music (*.MID) or record your own greeting voice (*.WAV).Registered users can also enjoy wonderful Movie and TV; 11.Circulation broadcasts all music or recording; 12.You can join background music and bless the pronunciation in the greeting card of music; 13.The card can link to the any websites so that your friends can visit your website or homepage or movie and TV that you designed for him/her after he/she watched your card; 14.Greeting card support move in cycle on screen, and it can set moving speed; 15.Support automatic or click the running card to show greeting messages any time; 16.You can change font,color or style of greeting messages, support true color; 17.Create the executable files (*.EXE )automatically, and it can run independently for the friend; 18.Send the card files to your friends through Email automatically, and compress to a ZIP file when send the greeting card; 19.Offer the picture form to change, a convenient one change other picture form into greeting card of music use the picture; 20.You can compress your files to a ZIP file; 21.You can keep the project file of greeting card or open the project file of greeting card; 22.Save the information of the registered users' mail; 23.Supply Users Book and Address Book; 24.Software interface support several languages; 25.Present 50 cards, 50 message boxes, and 50 pieces of MIDI music..

193)   CD Start-It Lite
Auto start any file from CD automatically and add Splash Screen or Drive Icon.

194)   Website Thumbnail Capture
Create thumbnail images and download HTML source code of multiple websites.

195)   DivX Author
Create and enhance DivX videos with DVD-like features using DivX Author.

196)   Wondershare PocketPC Slideshow
An innovative tool to make your photo and video movie playable on PocketPC.

197)   Wondershare PPT to Video
Creates engaging movies in porplular formats from PowerPoint presentations

198)   Wondershare Video Presenter
Professional tool to convert PowerPoint to Mpeg,AVI,MP4 video

199)   Flash EXE Builder
Convert Flash SWF to executable EXE file

200)   Wondershare PPT to eCard
Create online greeting card with PowerPoint