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Others - Multimedia & Design Programs from 1 to 50 listed after downloads number
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1)   HT TVR
HT TVR 2.0 turns your PC into a full-featured digital video recorder for TV!

2)   WinAVI Video Converter
WinAVI Video Converter is a complete solution for video format conversion

3)   Media Player 9 Plugin for Opera 7.x
This plugin enables Opera 7.x to play streaming formats (WMA,WMV) like in IE6.

4)   TubeSucker - YouTube Video Downloader
TubeSucker YouTube Video Downloader & Media Player w/ Remote Control

5)   Omni Page Professional
Quickly turn office documents into 30 different PC applications for editing.

6)   Xara 3D
Add impact to your web pages with top quality still and animated 3D headings.

7)   Web Stream Recorder
A new, improved version of a popular multimedia web stream recorder

8)   WinAVI Video Capture
A complete solution for TV, DV and webcam recording, viewing and burning.

9)   TREEmagik Pro
Create high-quality tree models at low-poly counts (perfect for game development). Photo-realistic bark, leaf and limb textures included. Stay up-to-date with TREEmagik Plugged IN.

10)   BlazeVideoHDTV player
watch movie and HDTV program on PC with blaze hdtv player

11)   Smart Photo Import

12)   IconChanger
A great tool that makes changing icons on the desktop fun and easy. Try it now!

13)   Extract-Foto-Video
This program allows you merge video files into a single output file, split a large AVI file into smaller AVI files, or manually extract selected segments of an AVI file to new AVI files.

14)   PowerPoint2DVD
A tool to burn your Powerpoint to DVDs or miniDVD

15)   Easy TV [RP]
A software which brings live and recorded television at your desktop.

16)   Slideshow pro Freeware
Produce very easy and fast slideshows, select a directorie with pictures.

17)   Easy Screen Caputre Video
Easy Screen Capture Video is a professional quality video production studio designed to capture and record screen activity in real time.

18)   MiniCinema! - Flipbook Printmachine
Print your own flipbooks from any AVI or MPEG video file.

19)   Diashow free
Produce very easy and fast slideshows, select a directorie with pictures.

20)   Ashampoo Magical Snap
Perfect screenshots - anywhere, any time

21)   Convert Magic
This program converts images between the BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF formats.

22)   CoverME
Software for searching and downloading album cover pictures

23)   Fx Video Converter
The free version will convert WMV, AVI and MPEG to AVI, MPEG, Windows Media or Real Media.

24)   MovieAndTVDownload
Unlimited Movie and TV Show Downloads ! Instant Access. Over 240 Million Users !

25)   #1 SmartSoft Video Converter
Easy to use, it supports popular video formats and variable output settings.

26)   Polygon Cruncher for 3D Photo Browser Pro
Polygon Cruncher reduces the number of polygons of your 3D objects without changing their appearance.

27)   Internet TV & Radio Player
Watch 950+ TV channels and listen 1600+ free online radio stations on your PC!

28)   Personal AVI Editor
The Personal AVI Editor has one video track and one audio track.

29)   Sticky Photo
Sticky Photo 2004 helps you to create the funniest photo stickers by simply capturing your emotions from the PC camera in real time.

30)   Vista Buttons
Create superior Vista/XP/Mac web buttons and dhtml menus in just a few clicks!

31)   WapWebCam
Provides access to your pc WebCam via mobile phone(wap) also via html.

32)   honestech Fireman CD/DVD Burner
Easily create multi-session data CD/DVD, audio or MP3 CD, and video discs

33)   X-Fonter
Advanced Font Manager and Font Viewer for Windows

34)   Ashampoo Magical Snap 2
Perfect screenshots - anywhere, any time

35)   Image Finder
Search for images by keyword or GPS, download in full-size as slideshow

36)   Junior Icon Editor
Create your multi-resolution icons for apps and web with this free icon editor

37)   Mixpo
Mixpo offers a multimedia player that can be embedded in most sites and blogs.

38)   Super DVD Copy
Very easy 400% fast copy DVDs and CDs

39)   WaveL Pic2Pic Pro
This is utility for image batch conversion.

40)   myBatchConverter
has ability to convert MPEG1, MPEG2, VCD-PAL, VCD-NTSC, SVCD-PAL, SVCD-NTSC, DVD-PAL, DVD-NTSC in a Batch Mode. has ability to convert different kinds of video files at the same time. has ability to select VBR/CBR mode in MPEG file.

41)   SPG Web Tools 4 PRO
SPG Web Tools 4 PRO is an award-winning Web graphics plugin powersuite of 28 Web authoring tools for developers and Webmasters of all levels.

42)   1st PowerPoint DVD Burner
Powerpoint2DVD is a very simple yet practical tool to burn your Powerpoint files to DVDs or miniDVDs (MiniDVD is a regular CD that has DVD files in it.

43)   PicShrink
Modify and compress your digital photos, simle gui to help you batch process.

44)   Orandy ScreenCapture
A small program to capture all activities on screen as a video you can save.

45)   PDF Create
Fast, reliable and affordable way to turn all of your PC into PDF's.

46)   Fx Movie Splitter and Trimmer
Fx, Movie Splitter and Trimmer is a tool that enables you to save sections from an existing movie file to a new AVI file.

47)   ABF Magnifying Tools
ABF Magnifying Tools is a set of tools for viewing the screen in different zooms

48)   TotalImageConverter
Total Image Converter helps you to convert image sizes and formats.

49)   FastView
FastView is the program for fast viewing files of various formats.

50)   Magnifixer
Screen magnifier utility for developers, designers or the visually impaired