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Others - Multimedia & Design Programs from 51 to 100 listed after downloads number
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51)   Willing Webcam Lite
Willing Webcam software Lite can store images from a web camera to local disk.

52)   AviScreen Classic
AviSreen is an application for capturing screen as video or image

53)   Batch Text Replacer
Tool for batch replacements of substrings, words and phrases in multiple files.

54)   uMark Professional
Protect your digital photos. Add your name/logo/copyright info as a watermark.

55)   LITIO 1.0 - 3D Sheet metal software for AutoCAD
Sheet metal for AutoCAD.

56)   Logo Ease
This free logo design tool is the best in class.

57)   OverSeer
Share your screenshot over the internet (or lan) to your friends or co-workers.

58)   pptXTREME SoftShadow for PowerPoint
Allows perfect 'soft' shadows added to any PowerPoint object.

59)   Capture Studio
Screen capture and image editing tool, can auto-scroll to capture any view

60)   VideoSnaps 7.x
VideoSnaps provides for 'one touch' automatic extraction of distinct high quality photos, from a Video file - no manual picking of frames is required - Neural Net based image matching automatically looks for unique pictures in the video stream, and creates a shortlist of photos which the user can pre-view, then selectively print or discard - ideal for getting those 'magic moments' from any home video recording - without the effort of manually scanning through thousands of near duplicate frames.First time released as shareware, the VideoSnaps technology was previously used in professional video production for producing posters, cover art, etc.

61)   Movienizer
Organize movies, track and research your collection easily

62)   Color Picker for Logo Design
Software for logo designers. Easily pick needed color from the screen.

63)   ValueFirst-Speed Text Messaging Software
SMS Text Messaging Software & Services for Enterprise Corporate Solutions

64)   HT Video Editor
Video Editor 6.1's elegant and powerful functions make video editing easy.

65)   Fast Photo Renamer
Viewing and renaming your photos.

66)   VidShot Capturer
Capture Video from Desktop, Window or Regison of the screen!

67)   Belltech ScreenSmart
Capture anything you see on your computer screen easily.

68)   Digital Camera Poster Creator
Makes customized photo quality posters of any size/shape from your digital pics

69)   PhotoPackager V1.2
If you own so many photos, if you need an unique characteristic photo album, if you want to show your photos to friends with an personal effects, YOU NEED PhotoPackager.

70)   Fx Image Manager
With Fx Image Manager you can convert between various image type, resize, edit or modify image properties, capture a single frame or a range of frames from digital movies and quickly view supported image files anywhere on your system..

71)   iBarcoder
create, print and export barcodes as vector graphics or high resolution images

72)   Softener
Softener is a Photoshop plugin for giving images a dreamy and glossy soft focus effect.

73)   Zilla Video Converter & Decompiler
Universal Video File Converter & Decompiler for MPEG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, AVI (Windows Video), WMV (Windows Media Video), ASF & RM (Real Media).

74)   StarSoft SlideShow
StarSoft SlideShow allows you to share your digital photographs and images with your friends and family.

75)   Photos for Grandma
Send photos by email to family and friends with no effort at all.

76)   SnipClik
SnipClik - process hundreds of photos with just one click!

77)   PDF-Creator
Create PDF files with PDF-Creator, just click File & Print!

78)   Image2Ico
Powerful and easy-to-use utility for convert bitmap and gif images to icon

79)   Opcion Font Viewer v1.1.0
For viewing fonts, seeing how they would appear applied to your name/logo/tagline, and keeping track of which fonts best suit the job is the purpose of Opcion Font Viewer.

80)   Photoshop SpeedUp
Adobe Photoshop SpeedUp significantly decreases the time it takes to load Adobe Photoshop by disabling the plug-ins that you may not need.

81)   Slide Show Pilot
The program creates slide shows and screensavers, supports 30 transition effects

82)   PicRename
The smart renamer for your digital pictures. Unique file names for your jpg.

83)   PPTexpert MP4 Converter
PowerPoint PPT presentation to MP4 video converter, iPhone, iPod, Smartphone

84)   SurfPics
SurfPics is an image search themed web browser/search tool that delivers easy access to image search engines (Google Image Search, Ditto, Lycos Multimedia Search, Alta Vista Image Search, PicSearch, All the Web Image Search) and image galleries.

85)   Better Screenshots
Professional Quality Screen Capture has never been so easy.

86)   CoffeeCup Live Chat
Add Live Chat to your site quickly and easily!

87)   TraceLine
Traceline changes scanned or imported bitmap images to editable outlines (line art) that can be exported or pasted to other programs.

88)   Smart Color Pick'n'Capture
Smart Color Pick'n'Capture is a program that will allow you to easily pick up any color value from the screen or other program or image.

89)   PicaJet 2.0 (157)
When compared to other digital photo albums, using PicaJet is like flying business-class in a Concord.

90)   CD brochure builder
Create powerful multimedia CD catalogues in hours, with no programming required

91)   Flash Menu Builder
Creating professional menus for your website was never this easy

92)   The Australian Photo Library Deluxe
An Australian photo collection of 1400 high-quality images with a distinctly Australian flavour and education focus that will enhance the quality of your desktop publishing as well as multimedia and web pages.

93)   ACX Fotoarchiv Plus
Produce very easy and fast photo archives and more

94)   Sib Icon Extractor
Extract all icons from any location and rejuvenate the look of your desktop

95)   WaveL ViewPic
Using ViewPic you will able to: view image files; view slide show; set a wallpaper; rotate, mirror, change height, width and color resolution; convert your image; change image's brightness, contrast, and gamma; change color balance of your image using the filters, which operate in RGB, CMY, YCbCr, HLS, and HSV color spaces; modify your image using the sharpen, detail, smooth, blur, and contour effect.

96)   Capture My Screen
Capture a screen, with professional quality, has never been so easy to realize

97)   The Down Under Collection Deluxe
An Australian clipart collection of over 1500 individual images in full colour and black and white designed especially for Australian schools and homes.

98)   Mass Email Creator
Mass create email accounts easily with the best mass email creator bot out there

99)   ImageCategorizer
ImageCategorizer - the very special search-app for your images!

100)   AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System
AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System V2.5