Tuesday, 21 October 2014
Top 2601-2650 Security & Privacy Programs
2601)   Remote USB Drive Disabler
Disable USB Flash drives remotely

2602)   OEM Info Editor
OEM Info Editor lets you add or edit the OEM information and logo.

2603)   Facebook Spy Monitor 2012
Facebook profile monitoring and parental control software.

2604)   Power Spy Software 2012
Invisible keylogger, email and online chat spy software.

2605)   iMonitorPC Starter - 5 Computers License Pack
iMonitorPC - remotly monitor every activity on your PCs from anywhere in the world

2606)   Secure Eraser
Software for secure file and drive deletion on Windows systems.

2607)   Employee Monitoring Pro 2012
Monitor your employees' exact PC usage during work hours.

2608)   USB Drive Disabler
Disable USB Flash drives

2609)   Remo Drive Wipe - Free Edition
Free Software to Wipe Hard Drive data permanently

2610)   MSN Spy Monitor 2012
Secretly logs MSN Messenger video and text chat on both sides.

2611)   CDROM and DVD Rom Disabler
Disable CD and DVD Drives

2612)   Zemana AntiMalware
Strengthen Your Anti-Virus Software with Zemana Anti Malware Download

2613)   WeZip Easy

2614)   PC Screen Spy Monitor 2012
Monitor employees, children and spouse with surveillance camera software.

2615)   Anti NetCut 3
Anti NetCut3 protects your network connection against arp spoofing

2616)   DEKSI Shield
Security software for your files, folders, and drives

2617)   Eastsea Outlook Express Backup
backup and restore your Outlook Express data.

2618)   Computer Spy 2012
Computer Spy Software monitors others' PC usage when you're away.

2619)   Flash Antidecompilerâ„¢ 2012
The Flash Antidecompiler is a new generation of the flash obfuscators.

2620)   All-In-One Spy Keylogger
Secrectly logs Facebook, keystrokes, chats, emails, web visits, and more.

2621)   Bytexis MSN Password Recovery
Bytexis MSN Password Recovery - the program to recover MSN Messenger passwords.

2622)   Facebook Keylogger
Records all Facebook & other social network activities.

2623)   PC Monitoring Keylogger
Logs keystrokes, chats, emails, web visits, Facebook and more.

2624)   FreeVDF
Creates a virtual encrypted disk within a file and mounts it as a real disk.

2625)   Perfect Keylogger
Logs keystrokes, chats, emails, web visits, Facebook and more.

2626)   Computre Monitoring Spy
Logs keystrokes, chats, emails, web visits, Facebook and more.

2627)   Remote Spy Keylogger
Logs keystrokes, chats, emails, web visits, Facebook and more.

2628)   Zillya! LiveCD
Bootable CD with anti-virus scanner, can be used on computers with any system

2629)   Invisible Spy Keylogger
Invisible keylogger, Facebook spying, chat, email, web surf, system monitoring.

2630)   XUS Desktop Professional Edition
XUS Desktop is a powerful launcher for your Windows system

2631)   Invisible Monitoring Spy
Logs keystrokes, chats, emails, web visits, Facebook and more.

2632)   Win7 X Folder
Win7 X Folder is a Free File/Folder utility with very simple interface.

2633)   USB Flash Security
USB Flash Security is disk encryption software.

2634)   Protectorion Data Safe Free
Protect confidential data with powerful encryption on PC and external devices.

2635)   Lastbit SQL Password Recovery
SQL Password is a password recovery tool for MS SQL Server.

2636)   CyberFence
CyberFence does block adult contents and monitor all computer activities.

2637)   Remo File Eraser
Remo File Eraser - Permanently delete files & folders

2638)   Kingsoft PC Doctor
Kingsoft PC Doctor - Free Professional Windows Diagnosis & Optimization Software

2639)   Home PC Keylogger
Logs Facebook, keystrokes, chats & IMs, emails, web visits and more.

2640)   Winlock Closer
Tool unlock windows and repair computer

2641)   HomeGuard Activity Monitor
Advanced parental control and activity monitoring.

2642)   Flash OwnerGuard
DRM, Security, Copy Protection and Distribution Management for Flash SWF & FLV

2643)   KRyLack Archive Password Recovery
KRyLack Password Recovery recovers lost passwords for ZIP, RAR and ACE archives

2644)   VeryAndroid File Protector
Password protect files/folders on both android phone and computer

2645)   Aomei Dynamic Disk Manager Pro Edition
Feature-rich dynamic disk/volume management software and magic disk converter.

2646)   Aomei Dynamic Disk Manager Home Edition
Free and easy-to-use dynamic disk and dynamic volume management software.

2647)   Aomei Dynamic Disk Manager Server Edition
Windows Server dynamic disk and dynamic volume management software.

2648)   Kurupira Web Filter and Parental Control
Kurupira Web Filter, free parental control software: block improper websites

2649)   KRyLack RAR Password Recovery
KRyLack RAR Password Recovery recovers lost passwords for RAR (WinRAR) archives.

2650)   Clean and Optimize Xpress
Latest technology to scan your whole computer and find errors.

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