Saturday, 25 October 2014
Encryption Tools - Security & Privacy Programs from 201 to 250 listed after downloads number
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Order programs after downloads or name or date
201)   Exe Password
Protect any EXE-file (also in the network) with a password.

202)   ZoneAlarm Plus
Keep your personal data and privacy safe from Internet hackers and data thieves

203)   RHCP
A system of software protection, it is intended for quick and easy implementation mechanism protection in your projects

204)   abylon SELFCERT
Create self-signed X.509 v3 certificates (PKCS / RSA) for private use

205)   Purge-it
Purge-It Windows 9.x Anti Trojan and Backdoor Freeware.

206)   Advanced Encryption Package 2005 Professional
Military grade encryption, shredding and ability to work with .zip archives

207)   NCrypt
encryption/decryption utility for protection of sensitive information

208)   PC-ENCRYPT for Files/Folders
Free, Simple, Strong, Universal, Fast File and Folder Encryption.

209)   FineCrypt PE 8.0
Create encrypted self-extracting archives which can be decrypted without having to use the program

210)   l0stat
SAM security assessment. Generates statistics of NT password L0phtcrack results

211)   Lockngo Professional
Encrypts and password protect flash drives, portable drives and removable disks

212)   Passwords & Keys
Passwords & Keys is a powerful random number, password and key generator

213)   ImageHide
Hide your sensitive data in image files.Version 2.0

214)   MindSoft Wipe
Use this program for the definite destruction of documents

215)   USB PC Lock Pro
Use any USB device as key for your PC.

216)   Vinasoft Desktop Lock
Vinasoft desktop lock is best rated security PC desktop lock available

217)   Kernel SQL Password Recovery
Advance SQL server database password recovery, recover passwords from .mdf file

218)   AB Password Generator
Generates one password or a list of passwords with length from 1-999 characters

219)   Easy Guard Protection Web Edition
Proactively Protect Against 1700+ types of attacks such as DDOS, Sql injection.

220)   Act! Password
Password recovery tool for Act! (supports all versions through Act! 2008).

221)   Exe Wrapper
locks and protects executable file from non-authorized execution.

222)   ViPNet OFFICE
Implement VPN service, firewall and secure instant messaging within your network

223)   PSM Decryptor
Gorgeous graphical alternative to PSM Encryptor for decryption and keys.

224)   Cryptic Disk
A professional solution for encryption and password protection of sensitive data

225)   Folder Guard Standard
Powerful Security and Access Control Utility

226)   phpSHIELD PHP Encoder
The Lowest Priced PHP Bytecode Encoder on the market

227)   Email Spy Pro
You want to know what your children, spouse or employees are sending by e-mail.

228)   Password Agent Lite
Store all yoursensitive data in a secure, compact and easy to navigate database!

229)   Picssage
Hide your messages inside pictures using cryptography and steganography.

230)   PDF Password Recovery COM SDK
Remove PDF files password ( decrypt pdf ).

231)   Dial-up Password Recovery Master
Dependable password recovery solution for network and dial-up connections.

232)   Password Generator 2004
Professional, very customizable random password generator, that can generate 100 000s passwords, serial numbers, pins, masked strings, usernames, and more in seconds

233)   Keynesis Lockngo Professional
Encrypts and password protects USB flash drives and portable hard drives

234)   diProtector
Software protection tool for PDA developers

235)   NeoExec Professional
NeoExec is an operating system extension for Windows 2000/XP that allows the setting of Administrative privileges at the application level rather than at the user level

236)   Quicky Password Generator - Shareware
Easily generates 100,000 random passwords very quickly with many options.

237)   Private Encryptor
Utilize the latest in encryption technology to protect your sensitive files.

238)   CHAOS Generator
CHAOS Generator is an application designed to generate passwords.

239)   Surf Spy
Monitor the Internet activity on your computer with this invisible tool.

240)   Ashampoo Magical Security 2
Safely Encode All Sensitive Data

241)   SecuBox for Pocket PC
Encrypt your Windows Mobile phone and its media cards.

242)   Outlook Express Password
Outlok Express Password recover identities and accounts passwords

243)   JpegGuard JPEG Image Protection
Simple to use JPEG protection for encryption of images. ONLY $19.95

244)   Advanced Tracks Eraser
Protect your privacy - Erase all tracks of your Internet and Computer activities

245)   Farsighter
Farsighter monitors a remote computer invisibly by streaming video to a viewer on your computer

246)   Signit
Create folder self-checking signature.

247)   EldoS PKI Tools
Provide information security and integrity using digital certificates.

248)   Smart Card ToolSet SERVER v3.1.10 PC/SC
COM+ server for working with a smart cards on APDU level

249)   Active CHAOS
Active CHAOS is the utility program for safe interchange of the inform

250)   Folder Guard Professional
Powerful Security and Access Control Utility