Thursday, 23 October 2014
Download Lights 3D

Lights 3D This is a 3D version of your favorite Lights game.You need to connect the lights around the World.Have both challenge and fun!

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This is a 3D version of your favorite Lights game

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1)   CrossLines
This game is a variant of the well-known game LINES. Elements on the game field must be arranged in such way, that closed contours must be formed. The user can rotate elements by pressing the right button of the mouse.
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2)   Reversi
Reversi is a a puzzle like board game. In this version you play as the black color against a computer opponent that plays as white.
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3)   Shredder Classic
Professional chess program by the nine times world computer chess champion Stefan Meyer-Kahlen with many features and extremely powerful play.
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4)   Alive! Jigsaw Free
A virtual jigsaw puzzle game with animated images, great 3D appearance and smooth movements. This game allows you to create and play jigsaws with your own videos and pictures. Fully rotatable 3D style pieces, load and save the game, helpers.
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5)   Lights
Connect all the lights ti turn them on!Several levels of difficulty for all ages.
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6)   Shaggy Pals
Bend your mind with numerous levels of challenging puzzles to set trapped pals free. Move the dynamite across the board to blow up the bars and release your furry friends. But be careful, you might be hurt by laser beams or fall into swamp!
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7)   The Tituppy Horse
Challenge your mind to fill the whole table with horses. Each new horse added must follow a chess horse jump from the last one. You can put a new horse only in a green cell.
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8)   4 In 1 Row
4 In 1 Row, also known as Connect Four, is well-know classic board game. The rules for the game are simple, while the game very fascinating. In the game, you compete with AI technique at three difficulty levels.
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9)   Faces of the Rubik’s Cube for Windows
The Faces/Sides of the Rubik's Cube is a more challenging problem/game than the original Rubik's Cube, because player can see only a one side of the cube.
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10)   MasterWord
CFB MasterWord is a Palm word game based on Mastermind and Jotto. It will appeal to anybody with a good knowledge of words and logical reasoning skills. The free trial version is intended to be easy enough for beginners and children.
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